2020-01-30 19:15 Attack on Shiraz v2



Over western Iraq on day one of Operation Desert Storm, United States Navy F/A-18C Hornets operating off the USS Saratoga in the Red Sea racked up the first air-to-air kills by Hornets. This mission also showcased the Hornet’s ability to rapidly transition from an air-to-air engagement to delivering bombs on target. This mission is not a recreation of that mission, but rather takes inspiration from it.

An outstanding insight into the historical engagement can be found here on the Fighterpilot Podcast:

Ahead of you at waypoint 3 is Shiraz airbase with the Sector Operations Command (SOC) as your primary target. Bullseye MANNY is less 1 nm at your waypoint 3.
The second element is assigned the POL facility. Fight your way to the target and destroy it with Mk-83 bombs to accomplish your mission.
Bringing up the rear is a flight of Hornet’s with AGM-88 HARMs to suppress SA-6 SAMs in the area.

All Flights
       CAP       Colt 1    305 Mhz (Ch1)
       SEAD      Dodge 1   306 Mhz (Ch1)
       GAttack   Pontiac 1 307 Mhz (Ch1)
Carrier Stennis 
       TCN 74X 
       ICLS 11 
       BRC 304 
       127.5 Mhz (Ch2)
Tanker Shell
       TCN 51X 
       251 Mhz   (Ch3) 
Awacs Focus
       252 Mhz   (Ch4)

Date: 03.08.2001
ToD : 17:42 local 

Temp: 20 C 

QNH : 760.476 hPa / 29.94 inHg  

Wind: 2.0616 m/s

Dir : 112 (from W) 

cloudy from 3609ft up to 6496ft 

Primary Flight: Destroy the SOC at waypoint 4, ref briefing images.

Secondary: Fuel tanks at WP5

Multiple SA-6 SAM sites are situated in the Shiraz area.
These will be targeted by the SEAD flight. 

Short-range air defenses in the target area include 23m AAA and SA-13 SAMs.