2020-01-30 19:15 Attack on Shiraz v2



Over western Iraq on day one of Operation Desert Storm, United States Navy F/A-18C Hornets operating off the USS Saratoga in the Red Sea racked up the first air-to-air kills by Hornets. This mission also showcased the Hornet’s ability to rapidly transition from an air-to-air engagement to delivering bombs on target. This mission is not a recreation of that mission, but rather takes inspiration from it.

An outstanding insight into the historical engagement can be found here on the Fighterpilot Podcast:

Ahead of you at waypoint 3 is Shiraz airbase with the Sector Operations Command (SOC) as your primary target. Bullseye MANNY is less 1 nm at your waypoint 3.
The second element is assigned the POL facility. Fight your way to the target and destroy it with Mk-83 bombs to accomplish your mission.
Bringing up the rear is a flight of Hornet’s with AGM-88 HARMs to suppress SA-6 SAMs in the area.

All Flights
       CAP       Colt 1    305 Mhz (Ch1)
       SEAD      Dodge 1   306 Mhz (Ch1)
       GAttack   Pontiac 1 307 Mhz (Ch1)
Carrier Stennis 
       TCN 74X 
       ICLS 11 
       BRC 304 
       127.5 Mhz (Ch2)
Tanker Shell
       TCN 51X 
       251 Mhz   (Ch3) 
Awacs Focus
       252 Mhz   (Ch4)

Date: 03.08.2001
ToD : 17:42 local 

Temp: 20 C 

QNH : 760.476 hPa / 29.94 inHg  

Wind: 2.0616 m/s

Dir : 112 (from W) 

cloudy from 3609ft up to 6496ft 

Primary Flight: Destroy the SOC at waypoint 4, ref briefing images.

Secondary: Fuel tanks at WP5

Multiple SA-6 SAM sites are situated in the Shiraz area.
These will be targeted by the SEAD flight. 

Short-range air defenses in the target area include 23m AAA and SA-13 SAMs. 

2019-12-23 19:30 Training TACAN / Navigation

Map: Caucasus
Airport Charts
TACAN usage

Wir fliegen die TACAN Trainingsmission Mission in schlechtem Wetter wie gewünscht. Es wird auf Grund der schlechten Sicht jeder für sich selber den vorgegebenen Kurs abfliegen. Touch and Go erfolgt Straight in und die Landung erfolgt im Pitch out. Bitte achtet auf den Funk (Reporting der Initial Points und der Landung) . Das Briefing findet im Webbrowser statt und das Missionssheet hängt schon an der Mission dran.

Desweiteren werden im Briefing auch nochmal Airport Charts und An-/Abflugpunkte erklärt sowie kurz darauf eingegangen, welche Informationen wie zu lesen sind. Falls zum TACAN noch Fragen offen sind werden diese gerne vorher auch noch erklärt.